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2009 August 13

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(NEW YORK) Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair, Hair [NY Times]
Gentlemen, choices galore! "There are Afros, mohawks, dreadlocks and pompadours. There are “Idol”-ized punky pincushions, Allman-esque hippie cascades (with matching beards) and Bowie-style, parti-colored shags. And these are just the styles that have names"

In a Light More Flattering [NY Times]
Beauty mag Allure tackles a tough subject: the ever-changing look of Michael Jackson

Fashion World Moves to Damp Sale Frenzy [WSJ]
Perpetual sales are hurting the retail world...but can Fashion's Night Out really save it?

Restoring Sharon Tate [LA Times]
A true style icon inspires a fashion exhibition; but "is it possible to remember her now as the free-spirited natural beauty who prided herself on wearing the shortest miniskirts in town, instead of as the victim of a horrific crime?"

Colonel Qaddafi--A Life in Fashion [Vanity Fair]
Who says political leaders have to be dull? A slideshow of "the most unabashed dresser on the world stage"


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