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2009 July 29

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Francesco Clark  is Gilt-y!...Myra Joloya Let the fashion week database begin. (sigh)...Marc Jacobs love london!...Renata Espinosa Greenpoint street style report: Dukes of Hazzards day, everyone looking like a Jessica Simpson understudy...Peter Davis, Rafe Totencgo, and 29 others wished Paul Wilmot a happy birthday...Paul Wilmot Dear friends...thanks so much for your kind and warm wishes. Lots of love, Paul...Joe Zee and Kristian Laliberte are now friends...Chris Benz and Gilles Mendel are now friends...Peter Davis always gets a mini anxiety attack when my email reads: "So and So has tagged you in a photo"...Naeem Khan Check out the 12 things I can't live without in the September issue of Elle Decor...David X. Prutting shooting on set...fashions night out day 1. my knee is killing me! like you all really care...Ilaria Urbinati at Confederacy today, come see me!...Melissa Berkelhammer I've had to deal with at least 5 people who are annoying the crap out of me today. F_ck this shit!...

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