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2009 July 24

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(NEW YORK) Rampage Replacement [Vogue UK]
Could Bar Refaeli be the new Gisele? We're not so sure...

How to Sell a $35,000 Watch in a Recession [WSJ]
Salespeople get tricky! From distracting the wives to replacing "price" with "value," how they're getting you to buy

Paris' house of knock-offs [LA Times]
The Musée de la Contrefaçon (Museum of Counterfeiting) presents a history of fakes, from Vuitton to Lacoste to Ray-Ban and more

Wardrobe mistress: Coco Chanel on the big screen [Independent UK]
"Couturiers in those days were not good-looking," she explains. "But Chanel was her own muse and she became an icon. Now all designers have a look: Marc Jacobs, John Galliano ..."

The great Brazilian moustache revolution [Guardian UK]
Brazilian voters create a "moustache strike" to protest José Sarney, the president of Brazil's senate

Chanel Flash-Mob to Hit London [Elle UK]
Next Thursday, prepare for Coco in the streets

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