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2009 July 20

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(NEW YORK) Tightening Belts? She's the Expert [NY Times]
DVF: “It’s absolutely wonderful to be considered cool by girls who are very often a lot younger than my children.”

Publicist's Ankle Ornament [Page Six]
Another fashion flack--this time, Tim Garcia, recently of Marc Jacobs--gets in trouble with the law

Clements Ribeiro Couture [Vogue UK]
Couture may be hurting...but Clements Ribeiro is diving in

Sightings [Page Six]
"PRINCE on a first-class flight from Minneapolis to La Guardia, reading Elle magazine, carrying a gold-and diamond-encrusted walking stick and wearing flip-flops with sparkly silver socks"

Did I say that? [Observer UK]
Vivienne Westwood: "Fashion is about eventually becoming naked"

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