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2009 July 17

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Costello Tagliapietra  Are too well-upholstered for todays temperature!...Justin Cooke one step closer...Zarin Fabrics wants to know your decorating style. Classic, Modern, Vintage, etc. Please share with us your decorating style and please feel free to post pictures of your decorating style on our wall...Meg Ireland is headed to LP for Trishy's bachelorette. Roomers, roomers, roomers!...Peter Davis thinks that Paula Abdul, Brittney Gastineau and the whole army scene in Bruno seemed totally set up and fake...Anne Slowey Is learning to knit with bosniak war victims...Francesco Clark is there any supermodel left who hasn't announced they're pregnant this week? NYC Sept will show jodhpurs with extra room in the front?...Joe Zee is now friends with Tyson Beckford, Esteban Cortazar, Gilles Mendel, and Amanda Hearst...Steven Kolb became a fan of J. Mendel...Paul Wilmot Well Goldman figured out the recession and the average employee there made $700K last year. Hello retailers and fashion houses? Can we not employ some of their strategies to pull ourselves out of this?...Mary Alice Stephenson  HOT NEW DESIGNER ALERT...ANOTHER HAPPY BIRTHDAY... LA BASED. SEXY HIP GIRLY DRESSES!...William Buckley Went to Bagatelle, APT, Tenjune, and ended up at Cielo where CRYSTAL WATERS performed!! La da dee la da dow...werk....Tara Fougner Getting ready for Chester French concert with my fav peeps from Red Bull and Whisper...Let's raise a lot of money for MUSIC UNITES!!!...Danica Lo took the Top 5 Things I Hate That Everyone Else Seems to Like 1. Gwyneth Paltrow 2. The Hamptons 3. Gladiator Sandals 4. Elmo 5. Flowers...Horacio Silva is LAX bound and Mama Silva won't cough up the dolls. Thanks, MJ!!...Emily Bungert GO TEAM MIAMI!!!...

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