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2009 July 16

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(NEW YORK) Men, Breathe in and Hold It [NY Times]
Laugh if you want--but "men's shapewear" is selling big...

Where Have All the Eyebrows Gone? [NY Times]
From Givenchy to Whoopi: '“I was reading a lot about Buddhism,” [Terence] Koh said of what impelled him to grab the razor. “Thai monks shave off their eyebrows. Maybe the monks are affecting everyone subconsciously?”'

Sun Protection—For Your Hair [WSJ]
News you can use: how to keep your hair bright when le soleil burns

What's behind Jon Gosselin's bromance with Christian Audigier? [LA Times]
Admit it, you want to know: though the children's line rumors aren't true, the two are becoming besties

Killer heels: Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo knock-offs rip off buyers, prey on child workers [NY Daily News]
Beware the faux red soles! How to spot fakes, and why they're so dangerous

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