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2009 July 9

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(NEW YORK) A Snub (of Sorts) to Fancy [NY Times]
Cathy Horyn: "couture is a lot like a novel or a piece of music. It offers a very specific experience"

Hulanicki on Screen [Vogue UK]
Biba lovers will soon get their big-screen fix with Barbara Hulanicki in Beyond Biba

Of the Moment, and Thinking Ahead [NY Times]
Agyness Deyn "comes off as genuinely sweet, sunny and slightly dim, her punkette look the thinnest candy coating over an interior filled primarily with airy, whipped pink goo and nuvo-hippie, gestalt-y wow-ness"

Dolce & Gabbana Big Nabbed on Hacking Charge [Page Six]
Ali Wise spends the night in jail after being arrested on felony computer-hacking charges

Chanel looks to the east to lure Chinese shoppers [Guardian UK]
With American couture orders dwindling, Chanel, Dior and more target China

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