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2009 July 7

Lacroix Forever?

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(PARIS) Christian Lacroix's Paris Couture Fall/Winter 2009/2010 collection at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs was "not a typical show," according to the press team that admitted only clients (and well-vetted potential ones) as well as a smattering of editors--and LVMH president Yves Carcelle, whose wife half-joked that she might try and persuade her husband to buy back the house of Lacroix. The designer showed what he does best--mais oui, couture--in an elegant but truly intimate setting. The objective was clear: Lacroix (and his clothes) must be purchased--and soon.

And the designer gave plenty of excuses to splurge. "I wanted every look," said one couture customer. Classic elements--florals, Provencal prints, nipped-and-tucked jackets--dominated the runway. Despite the fact that many donated their time in order to produce the collection, quality was not sacrificed. Front row guests sported badges that proclaimed "Christian Lacroix Forever," and every look was greeted with applause. (As the newly-Twittering Joe Zee proclaimed, "How can a man who designs THIS stop designing? Again, fashion injustice!") Given that this show was the most difficult invite to secure this week, the house is expected to take plenty of orders. But unless the house finds a buyer, they may be difficult if not impossible to place.


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