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2009 July 1

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(NEW YORK) Knitwear Unraveled [Vogue UK]
Ottavio and Rosita Missoni celebrate the Workshop Missoni: Daring to be Different exhibition in London

For the Moment | Donatella Versace [The Moment]
Donatella: "For me, New York was like magic--a soaring, futuristic metropolis, full of the kind of electric energy I’d seen in the films of Martin Scorsese"

Riches at Rainbow’s End [NY Times]
"I was prepared to focus my attentions straight into the precious rocks and enjoy the little prismatic light shows. I was not prepared to suffer from a raw and unquenchable envy that would make me consider extra moneymaking strategies like kidnapping/extortion or piracy"

Struggling to Stay Relevant on Planet Paris [NY Times]
"Recently, however, it has become clear that Paris fashion is less the creative hub of the industry than an isolated universe whose weakness can be sensed even by children."

High school students create prom dresses out of duct tape for 'Stuck at Prom' contest [NY Daily News]
Teens unleash their inner designer...using a household product!

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