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2009 June 29

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(NEW YORK) A Sequined Glove That Mesmerized the World [NY Times]
"Few entertainers can be identified solely on the basis of their clothes, and yet a single sequined glove held aloft signifies only one name"

Breaking the fashion rules [Times UK]
From Carine's micro-minis to Michelle Obama's arm-baring ways, how not dressing your age works

Paris Men's: Here and Yonder [On The Runway]
Cathy calls out her commenters! "You are not suggesting, A. Neto, that I be concerned about being banned from a fashion show, nor are you saying I should watch what I say...This was a lazy, pretentious, overwrought collection marked with the slight tear stain of Michael Jackson’s legacy"

Glastonbury fashion [Guardian UK]
More looks from the music festivals... (this time, think wellies!)

Catwalk on the Wimbledon court: Maria Sharapova vs. Gisela Dulko [NY Daily News]
Sharapova: "Under the floodlights, the Centre Court becomes my own catwalk"

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