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2009 June 25

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Chris Benz is now friends with Paula Froelich, Roopal Patel, and Teri Agins...Marc Jacobs is happy and glad things are going on well with my life (25 people like this, 13 people have commented)...Costello Tagliapietra are all bearhugs and bellyrubs!...Francesco Clark is naming tinted lip balms after amazing friends! Not the imaginary ones...Bryan Levandowski got weave glue all stuck to his forehead...Renata Espinosa  R.I.P. Farrah...Steven Kolb has written a new note, "Resort. Holiday. Cruise. Pre-spring: News from the Runway"...Paul Wilmot Had a hamburger at PJ Clarke's across from Lincoln Center at 6:30 last night and then saw Diana and Marcelo dance Swan Lake. It just couldn't have been a better New York evening. Only here does entertainment like that exist. Wish I would have gotten tix for Diana Krall at Carnegie Hall after reading her review in the Times this morning but I guess you can't do it all...Alex McCord Is at Louis Vuitton for a fashion show with Amanda!...Amedeo Scognamiglio oggi mi sento piu' Apollinare, invece del solito Dionisiaco!...Alexandra Marshall can die a more fulfilled woman for having had just a bite of the crudo platter at Le Antiche Carampane. "No Pizza, No Lasagne, No Menu Turistico." Damn right....Peter C. Som Monkey Bar...

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