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2009 June 22

Monday's Scoop!

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(NEW YORK) Insiders at CNP are buzzing about Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's departure from Vogue--and what it means for the Costume Institute Gala she organized for the last decade. "Events budgets have been slashed across the board at Conde," one 4 Times Square source explains. "The Costume Institute has got to be the company's most expensive event, and Stephanie built it into what it is today. It makes no sense to pass it off to someone else." Due to the economy, Vogue's 2009 event raised $2 million less than last year. Understandably, the 2010 budgets are looking positively sample-sized. With increasingly few fashion brands willing to splurge on tables, which can cost up to $250,000, perhaps just cocktails are in order?

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