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2009 June 3

The Centralization of Neiman Marcus Inc.

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(NEW YORK) In a reorganization announced today, Neiman Marcus Inc. has redefined the responsibilites of its fashion office for the Neiman Marcus, Neiman Marcus Direct and Bergdorf Goodman divisions. Ken Downing, senior vice president and fashion director at Neiman Marcus, will oversee the new fashion office while covering the women's and couture markets. Linda Fargo will continue to serve as senior vice president and fashion director of Bergdorf Goodman, overseeing the women's and couture markets as well.

Roopal Patel, formerly senior fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman, will become women’s fashion accessory senior market editor at Neiman Marcus, covering handbags, shoes, fashion accessories, fashion jewelry and designer jewelry. Kareen Mallet becomes women’s ready-to-wear senior market editor; she previously held the same title at Neiman Marcus.  Mallet will cover contemporary, bridge, dress collections, evening, lingerie and coats Tommy Fazio, men’s fashion director and senior market editor, will cover men’s designer, sportswear, tailored clothing, contemporary, furnishings, men’s accessories and shoes. He previously served as men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman.

The expanded roles of Patel, Mallet and Fazio reflect an opportunity to leverage their skills and knowledge across all brands of Neiman Marcus Inc. while taking over duties of two recently-retired employees: accessories market editor Sandra Wilson and men's fashion director Colby McWilliams. “We had an opportunity to leverage two extremely talented individuals for the corporation, Roopal and Tommy,” Jim Gold, CEO of Bergdorf Goodman, told WWD. “These two individuals know Bergdorf’s so well and have unique fashion skills so the Neiman Marcus Inc. felt that we could [more fully] utilize their talents. As they cover the markets, they will look through the lens of both brands.”

“Ken and Linda are peers,” Gold continued. “They communicate with one another frequently and compare notes. But Linda is over the Bergdorf Goodman brand. Ken is over Neiman Marcus. From Linda’s perspective and Ken’s perspective, it’s no different. The difference is these other three individuals will be responsible for both brands.”


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