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2009 June 1

You React!

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(NEW YORK) When The Daily asked you to take our quiz about The September Issue, we had no idea you'd respond so…passionately. While we can't post the full results, a few intriguing trends developed. Shockingly, no respondants correctly identified Karl Lagerfeld as the designer who named a coat after Anna Wintour--many of you fingered Thakoon Panichgul as the culprit. But over 92% of respondents correctly identified "Bob the Videographer" as the person whose weight is most often discussed in the film. Brava! And now, a most fascinating letter from one of vous:



Am dying to see The September Issue, especially after viewing your quiz, so promptly went to Fandango to look up the release date, only to see it's: September 11th? Really? I don't want to seem maudlin, and of course life goes on, and it's been eight years -- and, of course, Fashion Week has soldiered on always with 9/11 falling somewhere in the middle -- but are we that far removed that it's not even a conversation? Especially given that it's clearly a very New York-centric film?

It's just a thought, really. But I wondered if it had come up in conversations around your office as well?


Fascinating thought, L.B.. We thought the same thing. But hey--chic must go on.

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