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2009 May 29

Friday Quiz (Insiders Only!)

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(NEW YORK) Believe it or not, some of you have seen The September Issue--remember Sundance? The Daily wonders...Just how closely were you paying attention? Take our quiz and send your answers (or guesses) to Because testing you is loving you...

1. Which designer shamelessly names a coat after Anna--and tells her so before the show?
A. Karl Lagerfeld
B. Thakoon Panichgul
C. Stefano Pilati
D. Peter Dundas

2. Andre Leon Talley’s Vogue office is best characterized by…
A. Its Vuitton-centricity
B. A lack of windows
C. An overstuffed club chair in lieu of an Aeron
D. Capes

3. Which stylist had a “color block” story killed from the issue?
A. Edward Enninful
B. Camilla Nickerson
C. Grace Coddington
D. Tonne Goodman

4. Which retailer doesn't appear at Vogue’s annual retailers breakfast, held at the Ritz in Paris?
A. Linda Fargo
B. Jeffrey Kalinsky
C. Ken Downing
D. Jim Gold

5. Which marquee Voguette fails to make a single cameo in the movie?
A. Hamish Bowles
B. Meredith Melling Burke
C. Sylvana Soto-Ward
D. Lauren Santo Domingo

6. Anna Wintour admonishes her accessories editor for...
A. Producing layouts that always look the same
B. Being excessively loyal to Devi Kroell
C. Stealing ideas from Glenda Bailey
D. “Trying too hard and falling too short”

7. What’s the first subject Anna broaches with Mario Testino before he flies to Rome for the cover shoot?
A. Her newfound affection for Times Square raw fish palace Sushi Zen
B. Roger Federer’s most recent match
C. Why Sienna Miller needs a wig
D. “What, Mario, no evening?”

8. What subject does Grace Coddington introduce that elicits a frown?
A. Faux fur
B. Shoot budgets
C. Giorgio Armani
D. Lauren Weisberger

9. What brand of vintage diamond watch does André Leon Talley wear especially for tennis lessons?
A. Jacob & Co.
B. Casio
C. Swatch
D. Piaget

10. Whose weight is most frequently discussed in the film?
A. Kate Moss
B. Marisa Berenson
C. Keira Knightley
D. Bob the videographer

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