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2009 May 20

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(NEW YORK) To Stimulate Retail, a Fashion Night Out [City Room]
A nuit blanche for the retail world: stores open until midnight, designer appearances, parties

Burberry Shining [Vogue UK]
Brand's Manhattan headquarters to get 50 foot neon sign atop 444 Madison

Chef Gets Fried [Page Six]
After complaints at Graydon's latest, Monkey Bar chef gets the boot

Luxury in a Bell Jar [NY Times]
Derek Lam’s flagship "is his version of that genteel world where the rich are still as spoiled and sheltered as they ever were; his customer is a precious orchid, lovingly tended and exhibited under his enormous acrylic bell."

Why buy a posh frock when you can hire one? [Times UK]
With Girl Meets Dress, borrow a Miu Miu, McQueen, or Marc for a fraction of the price

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