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2009 May 19

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Horacio Silva is giving Octavia Saint Laurent tens across the board!!!...Kelly Cutrone needs a new facebook page as i am about to max out...Emily Bungert is in a happy mood and glad it's a lovely day...Sam Spector gagging about my leather jacket at phillip lim!! mission only took 2 years!...Rachel Felder is wearing 3.1 phillip lim and celebrating joey ramone's birthday today. he ho happy b-day!...Faran Krentcil sees you stealing that magazine from the wait room, missy!...Leah Pepper is lunching...Huilian Ma is celebrating life...Heather Magidsohn has had it...Jenn DeMartino thinks she's back in a New York state of mind...Sam Ong just completed a 90 minute moving meditation (aka Bikram)...Francesco Clark  OPRAH, wearing my friends' COSTELLO TAGLIAPIETRA creation, while interviewing VALENTINO! My head will now explode, thank you very much!...Costello Tagliapietra wrote on Francesco Clark's wall: Thank you!!!! We love you!!xxoxoxo...Paul Wilmot  Last night was abolutely amazing! Opening of the American Ballet Theater with performances and dinner was star studded including Renee Zelwegger, Carolina Herrera, Renee Fleming, Calvin Klein, Caroline Kennedy, Anna Winotur, Blaine Trump and yes, Michelle Obama who stunned the audience with her comments about funding the arts. Sat next to the former first lady of France at dinner. An A+ night..btw great ballets too....Gotta add one postscript. In my box last night were two jerks who were using Blackberry's during the performances! They tried to keep them on the DL and using them during periods of applause but I mean c'mon. You know they were sending messages to the same boobs they had been texting in the office all day. Yes we are in a recession but you will still keep your job if you answer a text in over an hour after getting it...

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