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2009 May 15

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(NEW YORK) Chanel's Cruz [Vogue UK]
No, not cruise...Penelope Cruz to be outfitted by Chanel for her latest Almodovar film, Broken Embraces

When No One Wants To Look Like a Banker [NY Times]
Good news for the guys: casual Friday, every day!

Young women are embracing curves [Times UK]
From Lily Allen to Peaches Geldof's new lingerie ads, the new crowd has "as great an appeal as that of their more airbrushed predecessors"

This Much I Know [Guardian UK]
Biba's Barbara Hulanicki: "I can't stand vintage clothes - there's something so intense about their energy even after they've been cleaned"

Sites Let You Swap Till You Drop [WSJ]
At, and, you can trade clothes...instead of buying

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