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2009 April 28

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Francesco Clark i ordered a Miley burger with Britney sauce and Madonna buns and it is deeeelicious...Costello Tagliapietra the world has lost a stunning, brilliant and talented lady! We miss you Bea you will be forever in our heartsxoxoxoxo...Joe Zee and Loris Diran are now friends...Hedi Ferjani has invited Marc Jacobs to his Spring Cleaning Party...Alexandra Marshall A martini and a lemon tart for dinner. Is that bad?...Laurie Brookins thinks the world's biggest couch has gotta go...Anne Slowey Is having grt mexican food at la esquina with david mauping after two weeks in bed. Thank god!...Jeff Bercovici is looking forward to catching up on his drinking...Peter C. Som RIP Dorothy Zbornak aka Bea...Paul Wilmot check out my blog which is going up Silva is excited about seeing Grace Jones tonight...Cator Sparks is getting dressed for tonight's Love Boat party with Grace Jones! I'm totally going Thurston Howell III if you couldn't guess....Kelly Cutrone...i wish i had enough money to retire and live in gozo!...Sam Spector Anyone know a trademark lawyer?...Faran Krentcil wonders if Florence and the Machine will last....Vanessa Flynn is thinking about getting a mask for this pig virus...Rachel Harrison Day 2 of my swine flu quarantine mandated by work. And I swear, my sore throat and headache are from allergies. I feel fine!...Julia Murphree mask is the new eye patch...

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