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2009 April 23

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(NEW YORK) Shopping with Matthew [Vogue UK]
In London, Williamson's H&M launch draws Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, and crowds more

A Little Help From My Fashionistas [NY Times]
Fashion's bailout plans--from pop-up shops for overstock to anti-piracy campaiging

Which fashion designers would make it in the movies? [Guardian UK]
Why another Chanel movie, when the Versaces, Marc Jacobs, DVF and more have biopic-worthy lives?

Losing Its Cool at the Mall [NY Times]
"What drives the modern youth from one store to the next; what differentiates one’s frayed cargo shorts from another’s; or why one of them, Abercrombie, is facing a consumer revolt, while others are paradoxically upbeat. A clue: It has to do with price."

Why a Posh Store Is Selling on eBay [WSJ]
Instead of markdowns and deep discounts, Dallas' Stanley Karshak boutique sells Louboutins and Kiton on eBay

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