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2009 April 21

Paper Trail

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(NEW YORK) As it becomes increasingly difficult to retain the exclusive rights to one's own original content in an era of rapid online dispersement, one magazine is fighting back. Interview has adopted a new permissions and reproductions policy that aims to allow both widespread distribution of the magazine's content while maintaining its exclusive rights to the photography and writing it produces. TKTKT


Permission to reproduce excerpts from our original article in your piece is granted upon the following terms:
1.     Only brief excerpts from our article may be reprinted (up to a maximum of 15%), not the entire article.
2.    The text of your piece must mention Interview’s title and show the unaltered cover of the applicable issue of Interview.
3.     The following copyright notice must appear in your piece in an appropriate location: “Copyright ã 2009  Interview Inc.  Used by permission.”
4.     Your piece/ Footage must include the following credits:
Photographer(s): Nick Knight
Styling: Francesca Burns
Writer(s): Derek Blasberg
5.     We must receive a link to your piece (if online) or copy of the issue or publication in which it appears (if print) immediately upon first publication.
6.     Online useage of article contained in this issue must include a hyperlink to
.     This license is governed by New York law.  If you materially fail to comply, we will be entitled to recover liquidated damages of US $15,000, in addition to any other damages, and all costs of collection (including reasonable attorneys fees).

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