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2009 April 17

What’s in a Name?

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(NEW YORK) Another day, another case of mistaken identity! Heidi Maris Jiline Sander--known as Ms. Jil Sander--may have recently inked a deal with Uniqlo, but the company itself wants to clarify and reiterate its total separation with the fast-fashion chain and the woman who started the now-iconic label that was acquired by Prada Group in 1999 before being sold to Change Capital Partners in 2006.

According to a release sent out this morning: “To avoid any confusion or misconception in connection with the Agreement stipulated in the aforementioned press release, Jil Sander AG, the owner of the luxury brand Jil Sander world-wide hereby informs and underlines that there is no current association or connection whatsoever between the Jil Sander luxury brand and/or its owners and, respectively: Ms. Heide Marie Jiline Sander (known as Jil Sander), Fast Retailing Co Ltd., and UNIQLO brand. It is stressed that Jil Sander AG as the owner of the Jil Sander trademark portfolio holds the exclusive rights to use the name ‘Jil Sander’ as a trademark.” Sander launched the fashion house in 1978, and left the brand briefly in 2000, before rejoining in 2003 and leaving again in 2004, after repeatedly butting heads with Prada SpA CEO Patrizio Bertelli.

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