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2009 April 15

Minnie Me

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Peter Davis and Minnie Mortimer in her own design Peter Davis and Minnie Mortimer in her own design
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(NEW YORK) Minnie Mortimer may have earned brand status even before she launched her eponymous line of clothing, but her evolving set of well-priced seperates leaves the designer poised to resonate beyond the confines of New York and its society. Mortimer unveiled her 20-piece collection, known simply as Minnie Mortimer, at the Cooper Square Hotel yesterday. The seperates were built around a trim shrunken blazer, dubbed "the Peter" in honor of Mortimer's brother Peter Davis, which is easily layered atop a nautical-stripe shirtdress or ruffled cotton blouse.

"It all started with my shirtdresses," the designer explained. "Men always have plenty of shirts, but women needed their own alternative." Mortimer began by fashioning a few for her friends before she concocted a soft-launch of the Minnie Mortimer brand for Spring 2009. The looks unveiled yesterday in the penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel represented her first full collection, which is represented by Simon Showroom and will bow in 24 doors.

"I couldn't believe it when the showroom called and said that one store picked it up," Mortimer recalled while showing guests photos of her 10-week-old daughter Tuesday, who was at home with a babysitter while Mortimer's husband Stephen Gagan dropped in. Retail prices for the Minnie Mortimer collection range from $128-$385; it is available in stores such as Beckley in West Hollywood and Blue Beetle in Nantucket.

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