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2009 April 15

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(NEW YORK) 'Grey Gardens': It's style, darlings [LA Times]
"If [Edie Bouvier Beale] were alive today, she would definitely be a stylist"

Up, up and away: this season, it's all about high hair [Guardian UK]
Get out the teasing comb and hairspray; this season, statement hair is in

Bras that burn? Women claim in lawsuit that Victoria's Secret bras cause rashes, scars [NY Daily News]
Don't tell the Angels! Formaldehyde resins in the bras may be responsible for the alleged ailments

Our new love affair with French style [Times UK]
"They are also the sort of clothes worn by women that we want to look like - you know, the ones who always do great bed-hair and make smoking (dare I say this?) still look the epitome of cool"

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