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2009 April 14

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Abby Gardner will be the new editor of as of May 4th!!...Anne Slowey is wondering why the world didn't collapse into into a black hole when Jason the physical therapist bent her knee today...Serena Merriman has eaten enough birthday cake in the last three days to kill a small family...Brie Cross went home on a motorcycle last night...David Gruning go Paterson! (really)...Janet Ozzard has given blood three times, and it's not yet 10 am...Jason Preston is now on Twitter so FOLLOW me kiddies at Billy Farrell dropped the blackberry in the toilet and needs your cell number! private message only...for your safety;) THANKS!...Francesco Clark prozac cappuccino. extra foam, with attitude...Costello Tagliapietra stole the TV!...Joey Jalleo is not here at the moment, but if you would kindly leave a message after the beep, he'll get back to you as soon as possible. BEEP!...Emily Bungert getting ready for the Alternative Apparel event tomorrow night in Los Angeles!!!...Sam Spector Esquire needs fashion interns to start immed! Email me at Gruning go Paterson! (really)...Jono Waks is looking for events in '09 / 10 that a boutique beauty brand may sponsor... small to large events... I'm just doing some research so hit me up with ideas!...Danielle Thur unruly heir launches ecommerce site and blog, Silva is back from Moscow and not a minute too soonski...Afshin Feiz And suddenly you're in love with everything...Soleil all over you, warm sun pours over me...Kelly Cutrone says, whoa! whoa, whoa what was that!...Danica Lo is not nice enough...Nadine Jolie In need of a mother/teenage daughter duo and also a 30ish woman for a TV project...

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