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2009 April 9

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Matthew Kneller Locusts are the real deal. They do not play around. Planet Earth - Deserts. 'Nuf said...Danielle Thur Whisper PR emails are down.....ehhh!...Cator Sparks is editing his interview with Sandy Schreier who owns the world's largest collection of couture (15,000 items). Can you imagine? Weak in the knees...Peter Davis is back in NYC and stoked to toast Paper's Beautiful People tonight and NOT have any jet lag. First stop: Starbucks!..Jenn DeMartino is Day 2 of exhale spa/blue print cleanse and craving a cheeseburger and one ritz cracker. I gotta shake it! Cabo Wabo!...Joey Jalleo is starting to get a little weirded out by the fact that Cher's "If I Could Turn Back Time" comes on whenever he walks into a Duane Reade...Laura Mulleavy Saturday the 18th!!!!!!...Jason Preston is now on Twitter so FOLLOW me kiddies at ...Austin Smedstad is blinders off. finally!...Laurie Brookins thinks the smoke monster is kinda lame ...Anne Slowey morphine...Alexandra Marshall Let it roll across the floor Through the hall and out the door To the fountain of perpetual mirth Let it roll for all it's worth...Francesco Clark which beauty exec just called me "bunny balls?"...

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