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2009 April 6

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(NEW YORK) Marc's new Muse [Vogue UK]
Forget Ms. Beckham--Anne Hathaway may be Marc's latest fave

Yes Chef [Vogue UK]
Kate Moss to write a cookbook?

Armed Approach [Page Six]
Harvey Weinstein's jokes of Project Runway settler: naked arm wrestling

Cracking the Hedge-Fund Dress Code for Women [WSJ]
"An Hermès scarf -- to some the equivalent of a power tie -- could seem to be a metaphor for excess in the current environment"

The curse of the slapper shoe [Guardian UK]
"When exactly did it become OK to trollop about in the kind of footwear which - when realised in Perspex and sparkle and purchased online from a specialist website - is as synonymous with the wardrobe of your average pole dancer as nipple tassels and fake tan?"

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