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2009 March 30

The Facebook Report

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(FACEBOOK) Hedi Ferjani Just heard that Lauren Conrad's clothing line folded. Finally some good economic news...Marc Jacobs became a fan of Miss Marc...Francesco Clark wrote on Costello Tagliapietra's wall: "watcha doin'?"...Costello Tagliapietra wrote on Francesco Clark's wall: "nothing fun...bathing the pooch! How are you?"...Hanuk Hanuk tagged Joe Zee, Souri Kim, Brian Reyes, and Prabal Gurung in an album...Anne Slowey while Edie is hiking. Yeesh. allergy season is numbing my synapses....Alexandra Marshall I have just done wonders for the Mormon theory that we are the lost two tribes of Israel with a pot of truly excellent chicken noodle soup...Laura Mulleavy we have photos! Ghosts!...Joey Jalleo doesn't know who he thinks he is, constantly booking trips online! LA here he comes!...Billy Farrell Mumbai...still hot as a mofo...

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