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2009 March 20

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(NEW YORK) Theatrically Fashionable [Vogue UK]
Lacroix is celebrated in an exhibition in Singapore...for his costume design

Therapy for Overspenders [NY Times]
Peachfrog: "The store was full of funky New York City girls who understand that the queasily garish clothing of our embarrassing past can be reinterpreted and made retro-cool with the right earrings, confidence and sense of irony"

Cheap Eats [Page Six]
ALT's easy to please: chimichangas from Chili's?

Das Hotel [Vogue UK]
Diesel creative director Wilbert Das opens hotel in Brazil

Valentino, the Movie [NY Times]
Cathy talks to Matt Tyrnauer on timing, funding, and "the real Valentino"

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