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2009 March 16

The Knot

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(NEW YORK) At the end of July last year, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone marriage rumors turned out to be completely unfounded--but the same cannot be said for the current state of their union. The couple, who openly share their mutual admiration for each other, happily praised each another backstage at the Louis Vuitton show in Paris last week. “I don’t think I could take credit for Marc’s recent success,” said Martone, after an elated Jacobs told the press that he was in love and inspired. “But with people who are creative and work in fashion, advertising, and beauty, I think your strong work is reflected when you’re happy in your personal life.”

So does that mean there’s an altar in the near future? “It’s really early to share, but our relationship is getting stronger and more mature,” admitted Martone, who ironically came to Paris early to attend a friend’s wedding. “And with that, some things might happen.” And theoretically speaking (of course), when and where might they happen, if it was up to the couple? “We experienced a really great vacation in St. Barth’s recently,” recalled the advertising executive. “It was during the winter in December. It was super warm, people were relaxed, tanned, and we were having an amazing time with our friends. So why not? Maybe a New Year’s Eve wedding in St. Barth’s would be really fun.”

But before the actual wedding date might be set, some things in life needed to be taken care of first. The couple is currently in Brazil on vacation, spending time with the Martone clan. Apparently, Jacobs is meeting Lorenzo’s mom for the first time.

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