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2009 February 20

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(NEW YORK) Photo of the Moment  [NYT Blogs]
Worth a look: Eric Ray Davidson's backstage shots at Fashion Week

Saks Boots Posh Denim Line [Page Six]
Victoria Beckham's denim line dropped by Saks Fifth Avenue

Tighter Belt$ at Fashion Week [NY Post]
"D-listers are warming the front-row seats where A-listers used to preen, McDonald's swill has replaced Starbucks, and goody bags are filled with K-Y Jelly instead of NARS cosmetics."

The Staying Power of London Fashion Week [London Times]
Tough times for equally tough London designers: "There will be names showing whose businesses are teetering on the brink."

Designer Rises in Well-Knit '11 Minutes' [WSJ]
The documentary Eleven Minutes follows the Project Runway winner and fashion designer Jay McCarroll "as he prepares his first show and pulls it off."


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