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2009 February 19

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(NEW YORK) Troubling Signs Around the Shows [NY Times]
"Lately it can seem as if the 'Shopocalypse' prophesied for years by the New York performance artist Reverend Billy is actually coming to pass."

Fooling Fotogs [Page Six]
Fashion photographers face off against paparazzi in the Tents

The Last of the Great American Dandies [NY Post]
"There's a particular breed of man who not only relishes in sartorial pleasures, he embraces it as a way of life." Think Tom Wolfe!

Sculpturing strands [IHT]
Odile Gilbert, Paris hairdresser extraordinaire behind the runway scenes

Ubah Hassan to appear in Ralph Lauren collection [Telegraph]
Ralph Lauren's model muse, "a beautiful Somalian refugee."


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