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2009 February 10

Budweiser for the Bears

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(NEW YORK) McDonald’s may be sponsoring the Duckie Brown show, with the golden-arched fast food chain handing out cups of joe backstage, but Costello Tagliapietra has taken the beverage sponsorship trend one step further: Budweiser is sponsoring Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra’s Spring 2009 show this Friday. Interns will be sport not CT designs, but Budweiser t-shirts, and there will be beer as refreshments backstage. “We both grew up with Grandfathers who always had Budweiser in their hands...I guess that's why it's our beer of choice today!” said Costello and Tagliapietra. “We also thought the irony of pairing an elegant collection with Budweiser is really great—let's face it, even the most elegant woman loves a cold beer!”

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