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2009 February 9

Ilaria's Brand New Bag

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(NEW YORK) Your fashion week calendar’s about to get a little more packed, but you won’t want to miss this one. Ilaira Urbinati, stylist and owner of the supremely chic Confederacy boutique in L.A., has designed a line with handbag guru Rebecca Minkoff that the two will debut this Thursday at Milk. “Becky and I have been friends for ages, so we've been wanting to do a line together for a while,” Urbinati said. “I think Becky’s style, as well as her built-in customer with her bag line, is the archetype of the put-together downtown Yew York gal. My style is a little bit more...disheveled, per se. Maybe a little more eclectic. So the combination of the two makes for a great every-girl line--well, every cool girl.”

This is their second season designing together, but their first official launch and their first presentation. “Becky loves music and I love menswear and anything old,” she said of their combined aesthetics. “So the line was inspired by the styles of a young Dylan mixed with a bit of the western flair of Johnny Cash and June Carter—but with a structured, modern twist and with a definite attention to tailoring.” The collection will be sold at Confederacy for Spring 2009 and will open distribution to other stores for Fall 2009. Gentlemen, fear not: though this collaboration’s just for the ladies, Urbinati’s got another line up her sleeve. The women’s line with Rebecca Minkoff, but she’s been working on a men’s line of suits with Albert Hammond, Jr., from The Strokes, which will be a private label for Confederacy. If you want another peek at Urbinati's aesthetic, just check out her feature in the March (and final) issue of Domino.


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