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2008 July 31

Summer of Love

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Lisa Salzer in Vicente Villarin with Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann in Cavalli and Alexis Bryan Morgan Lisa Salzer in Vicente Villarin with Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann in Cavalli and Alexis Bryan Morgan
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(NEW YORK) "What could be better," wondered Lisa Salzer, "Than having all your best friends in one room?" Last night, the Lulu Frost designer invited her dearest, mom and dad compris, to celebrate summer and toast her new studio space on lower Lafayette. Salzer's illustrious co-hosts: Alexis Bryan Morgan, 7.5 months pregnant who was later joined by husband Spencer, as well as Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann, who's bound for London to continue her studies in--no joke--biomedical engineering. "I met Elettra through Chris Benz," Salzer explained. "When we collaborated for his show last season, we became girlfriends."

"Isn't it beautiful?" said Wiedemann, as a guest admired her elaborate Lulu Frost collar necklace, which Salzer whipped up earlier in the day. Indeed. A slew of downtown's finest flooded the dance floor, and salsa-ed to the sounds of Chito Pons and his Cuban quartet. (Luigi Tadini, we're looking at you.) Truth be told, it was largely a couples affair--the Morgans, lovebirds Hedi Ferjani and Erin Fetherston, dapper Sam Shaffer and his glowingly pregnant femme Kathryn Neale...but a few single gals made the most of a slew of handsome fellows drinking mojitos on the roof. (Who? Who? The Daily wonders.)

It was hot, and we mean it literally, but luckily 10 Cane was in the house, offering up cuba libres, nacionales and palomas to stave off the sweat. Delicious pork-topped appetizers and jalapeno-tinged chocolate cake fed the frenzy, while fashion types talked--what else?--the upcoming Week.  "I think I might possibly do the jewelry for DKNY," Salzer revealed. "It's the brand's twentieth annviersary, and we're thinking of doing some cool anniversary pieces--very New York, very DKNY...and very me, because I'm from New York!"

Although the bar shut down at 10:30, a few made the most of the leftover rum until Wiedemann coaxed Salzer and Co. to nearby La Esquina for a bit of sustenance. And it looks like the firecrackers found in the gift bags went to good use--in the early morning hours, Wiedemann was spotted setting them off on the sidewalk.


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