2012 February 14

You React to Whitney!

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Whitney Houston Whitney Houston
Patrick McMullan
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Whitney Houston's passing happened in the throes of NYFW, but Chic wanted to make sure her memory was alive in the front rows. From beloved songs to angry outbursts over Bobby Brown, to some seriously poignant words for the felled icon, the style set takes a moment to reminisce...

Lisa Love:
I’m actually a Diana Ross girl. It’s terribly sad, but one has to remember that she was battling drugs and that’s what drugs do. They kill you, either when you’re doing them or not long after…that sounds so morose.

Catherine Maladrino: It's very painful for this generation.

Linda Wells: That extraordinary talent! I sat next to her on a plane from Paris to New York about two or three years ago and she was just so sweet. We talked about Kevin Aucoin, and our friendship with him. She seemed so fragile and kind. She seemed good on that flight. She had green tea.

Alina Cho: It was a shock. We were in rolling coverage at CNN until 1 a.m. That speaks volumes about her popularity. People knew about the trials and tribulations of her career, and her personal problems. She was such a beauty. I was mesmerized by her songs.

Hamish Bowles: She was a phenomenal talent. She totally influenced a whole generation of female vocal talents. She changed what we expect from a female woman's voice. At the beginning, she was an extraordinary combination of wholesomeness and soul. It's a very poignant thing what happened to that talent. I knew about her before almost before she broke because my friend did her makeup. I remember him saying that he was working with this girl who is so beautiful, and you can't believe the voice, and soon enough she blew me out of the water.

Marlon Gobel: It's the end of an era. She stole the moment. 

Edward Enninful: I'm devastated. Growing up, that was a childhood idol of mine. I spent the whole morning watching all of her old videos. She was so talented. 

Tina Brown: I hate the way that people like Whitney Houston are fragile and preyed upon. Bobby Brown was a disaster for her, and she never really recovered from it, and that's what I think is so sad. 

Barbara Walters: It's very tragic. I've interviewed her and this is a terrible tragedy. 

Andy Cohen: I never met her. I saw her sing many times through the years. I last saw her at the listening party for her final album that Clive Davis had. I always rooted for her to have a great comeback. It's sad that it couldn't happen. Her voice was so pure, golden and rich. She was as beautiful as her voice. 

Carlos Souza: I worked with her many times, I met her. I say, God bless your soul. I will alway love you. That's actually my Facebook status today. 

Carlos Campos: Fu*ckin Bobby killed her. That was my reaction. She was such an amazing artist. I've seen The Bodyguard a thousand times. 

Linda Fargo: That Diet Coke commercial. She was so life personified, which almost makes it even sadder because we all know that she just had the most going for her.

Actress Torrey DeVitto at Tracy Reese: My sister used to sing "I'll Always Love You" very dramatically while brushing her teeth!

Timo Weiland: I’m going to start incorporating her songs into my DJ sets.

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