2012 June 21

When In Rome

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Penelope Cruz, Woody Allen, and Greta Gerwig Penelope Cruz, Woody Allen, and Greta Gerwig
Patrick McMullan
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(NEW YORK) What better way to escape the sweltering high temps than a trip to the cool confines of a movie theater? Wednesday night was a truly hot Italian summer at the Cinema Society screening of Woody Allen’s newest European adventure, To Rome With Love, hosted by Piaget and The Hollywood Reporter. A coterie of stars indulged in a little Roman holiday at The Paris Theater, including Alec Baldwin avec fiancé Hilaria Thomas, Penélope Cruz, Greta Gerwig, Alessandra Mastronardi, Fabio Armiliato, Carol Alt, Woody Harrelson, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen, Josh Lucas, Mariska Hargitay, Dianne Wiest, Debra Winger, Regis and Joy Philbin, Ralph and Ricky Lauren, Julianna Margulies and Keith Lieberthal, Dylan McDermott, Noah Baumbach, Paul Haggis, Calvin Klein, and Moby.

The film follows a colorful cast of characters, locals and visitors, Americans and Italians, in their adventures and misadventures (such a thin line between the two, non?) in the Eternal City. Romances blossom, predicaments arise, hilarity ensues, all within the splendor of beautiful Roma. Your Daily discussed European cities and language barriers with Allen, though the filmic maestro apparently doesn't have it out for any cities in particular. "[European cities] all treat me like I’m an artist and they pamper me and make a big fuss. So I like them all,” Allen explained. As for his multilingual abilities, or lack thereof? “I speak no Italian at all, not a word, and I speak a smidgen of French.”

We chatted with the wonderful Gerwig about the film’s themes of fame and celebrity. Oui, Greta, “killing somebody” does indeed seem like the worst way to become famous overnight. Lorenzo Martone's two cents: “a sex tape.” And as for reliving her youth, Gerwig quipped, “I try to do it every time I drink too much, it’s a feeling of 'oh I’m young, this will be great.' And then the next day I think I’m so old and I’ll never do it again.” Drink of choice, when those ? “I love a martini, it makes me feel like I’m Don Draper or something,” the star revealed as we pointed out the man in question, milling about behind her. She excitedly craned her neck around in search of Jon Hamm who was entering the theater alongside Jennifer Westfeldt. As for the man du eve, Woody apparently tries to relive his youth everyday, and “it doesn’t work.”

The party migrated post-screening to the gardens of Casa Lever, where the suffocating heat took the charm out of alfresco cocktails and had everyone shuttling inside within minutes of arriving. Allen practically climbing over potted palm fronds to seek AC refuge after just a hot minute, literally, in the gardens. John Legend stopped by Chris Rock’s table, Rachel Dratch chatted with Scott Adsit and Jon Hamm, and debates on favorite Woody Allen films seemed to be going on everywhere. Guests sipped on Disaronno cocktails, nibbled petite meatballs, and a flurry of Italian was heard throughout the room. A foreign affair, truly. Italian newcomer and a star in the film, Alessandra Mastronardi, extolled the wonders of her beloved city and played a game of finish-the-sentence with your Daily: when in Rome….“you can breathe again, you can love, you can eat wonderful and amazing food, and you can be happy.” Makes your Daily want to book a flight right about now! Keeping in mind, of course, the wise words of Woody: “when in Rome, don’t forget to come back to New York."

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