2012 June 26

Wes Gordon On Being "30 Under 30"-Worthy, The Olympics, and Men In Shorts

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Wes Gordon, Nomia's Yara Flinn, Timo Weiland Wes Gordon, Nomia's Yara Flinn, Timo Weiland
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(NEW YORK) Oh, the young and the talented! Recently, Wes Gordon made the cut for Refinery29's New York movers and shakers on its "30 Under 30" roster, along with talents spanning the gamut from docs to PR mavens. Of course, there was a lovely rooftop soirée at The Jimmy at The James to celebrate, replete with spicy Stoli cocktails, a La Newyorkina popsicle cart on the pool deck, and even a guy taking an impromptu dip mid-party. How festive! The Daily caught up Gordon to size up his young-and-killin'-it competition, his two cents on the Olympics—and to get his take on "mandals" and shorts (brace yourself...).

Mazel tov on being "30 Under 30" worthy, Wes!

I'm honored...especially because I still have five years to spare. 

Seriously! You're making The Daily look downright lazy here.
Well, Justin Bieber is more successful than both of us. And I'm sorry, Mark Zuckerberg. What is he? 30? That's not even the bar being set high; that's the bar so out of sight you can't even see it. 

How was the photo shoot? Any jitters in front of the camera?
I'm probably just really cheesy. I channel my inner Zoolander and make a fool of myself! But nowadays, photographers take so many digital shots that out of 10,000, you have to hope at least one of them looks OK. 

So what would your signature pout named, a la Zoolander's Blue Steel? 
Maybe "Navy Iron," or "Navy Zinc." Or "Cerulean Steel"! 

Summer's arrived and there are rooftop pools left and right: what's your stroke of choice? 
Breaststroke! I was on the swim team in high school. 

Will you be ardently following the Olympics?
I'm really excited for the Olympics, actually. I went to school in London, so I feel like the Olympics always transform a city, and not necessarily in a good way. I hope they don't lose the historical elements of London, but I'll be watching. 

So what kind of swimmers' uniforms would you design for the Olympians?
The key to swimmers' uniforms is that they have to be the most efficient style possible to maximize how fast they go...I think a crocodile swimsuit would be pretty cool, right? They do live in water, they're tough, and they're ferocious. I want the swimmers representing my country to be tough and ferocious!  

Given the sauna-esque temps we had last week and are expecting again this weekend, how do you deal?
By not going outside. And loving on the A.C.!

Girls can get quite skimpy when the weather demands it; how do you recommend men chicly pare down?
I just wear cotton button-down shirts all summer and roll the sleeves up. It's the best and most stylish way to deal with the heat. And I never, ever wear shorts. I'm probably offending a hundred guys right now by saying that.

Explain, please! 
I just do not think guys should be walking around the city wearing shorts. I think that looks ridiculous! 

What's more offensive: shorts or "mandals"? 
I think it's the same guy wearing both of those. Men that think they're being stylish by wearing shorts are just kidding themselves. 

And what's your beef with men in sandals?
Oh my God, that's just so gross; your feet get so dirty. Everyone is looking at your's just not good. Girls just have prettier feet. 

What's the solution for hommes in a heatwave?
Get a pair of driving shoes! 

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