2010 January 29

Tisci's Triumph

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Riccardo Tisci. Riccardo Tisci.
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(PARIS) Who knew the Westin hotel hid the most spectacular imperial ballroom in Paris? The venue was perfect for Riccardo Tisci's latest Givenchy Haute Couture collection. This place wasn't always a Westin--and Givenchy isn't the House of Hubert and Audrey Hepburn anymore, either. Just before the show, I ran into LA's Claudio Conti who told me about the documentary he is currently filming on Peter Marino. I can't wait to see it.

Gilt cherub statues framed the frescoed ceilings, and I could have spent all night staring at the ornate sky. I finally scored a front-row seat but that was a bit by default (long story). It was so dark in the ballroom that I could barely see my seatmates including Gillian Fuller and Lionel Geneste, co-founders of the newly-formed GCK Partners, which deals in retail strategies. Givenchy is definitely the "cool" couture designer, as young Russian-speakers and chic sexy model types typed nonstop on their BlackBerrys while waiting for the show to start. One young bride confessed that she had Tisci make two wedding gowns, since she loves the collection so much. I can see why!

This was totally modern, with great takes on tuxedo jackets mixed with ruffled nude gowns and full-on feathered bermudas. (Shorts are a frontrunner for couture's top trend). I especially dug the tail cutaway jackets and one ensemble in Yves Klein blue. It needs to be at the Grammys this weekend! These looks were followed by malachite and amethyst gowns. The finale of a degrade purple pom pom gown reminded me that this is not your Mother's Givenchy and its awesome. As I left, I spotted Kanye and Amber heading back stage to congratulate a triumphant Tisci.

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