2012 February 12

The Cut's Next Act?

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Mr. Mickey on The Cut? Oui, if Joe Zee had his way! Mr. Mickey on The Cut? Oui, if Joe Zee had his way!
Patrick McMullan
View Gallery’s longtime Cut writer is decamping for BuzzFeed. Who should replace Amy Odell? Chic asked, you answered!

Michael Carl:
John Jannuzzi is the perfect person.  You know me—I like snarky!

Joe Zee: I vote for Mr. Mickey. He writes the most colorful and funny tweets.

Amy Astley: Adam Moss does his job really well. What direction would I like to see it go in? Friendly.

Nicola Formichetti: Nobody from magazines. I like the blog, Into The Gloss. It’s more girly, but it’s so interesting.

Robert Burke: Anamaria Wilson from Bazaar. She’s got a great background, an interesting take, and she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

Joey Jalleo: How about Scott Weiland?

Zanna Roberts Rassi: Regis Philbin!

Jenna Lyons: I’m a huge fan of Amy Larocca.

Juan Carlos Obando: OMG! Is she getting married? Kathy Griffin!

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