2012 September 11

Opening Ceremony Opens Up Webster Hall

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Carol Lim, Chloe Sevigny, Humberto Leon Carol Lim, Chloe Sevigny, Humberto Leon
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(NEW YORK) How does the Opening Ceremony hip set ring in a decade? By taking over Webster Hall, of course, with myriad stages and scads of DJs scheduled until 4 a.m. There was a recreated NYC club for every musical inclination, truly. To wit: a rave the basement (that would be the "Clubber Down Disco" area, technically), "Club Luxx" on the main floor—followed by remixes of songs from the early nineties. Around 2 a.m., the main attraction and the ultimate nineties homage du night commenced: a Lil Kim performance in the "1992"-themed ballroom upstairs. Those with party ADHD could carouse on over to the red-lit, rose petal-strewn room tucked off the main stage with seventies and stuff-that-wasn't-rap jams (could it be the Smiths Sway Night + The Hole? Sounds about right). Other auditory pleasures included parties-within-a-party like the Misshapes and Ghe20 Goth1k.

While renting out Webster Hall was a pretty festive gesture, your Daily was tickled by the abundance of silver balloons—spelling out ‘Opening Ceremony’ on stage, and ones shaped like stars and hearts tethered to every column in sight—and confetti was everywhere. One girl in the uppermost balcony happened to be wearing a silver cape contraption that looked like she’d wrapped a deflated balloon around her shoulders. Or maybe she did—wouldn't be weird in the slightest, given all the bralessness (with mesh tops; overalls sans shirts), sparkly garb, and highest concentration of hardcore party folks, at least since the Wang afterparty one night prior. Out for the fun? Just a few of the revelers included Alexander Wang (The Daily attempted an interview, but the designer was having entirely too much fun; hope you didn't splash that drink on your white T, cheri!), Gia Coppola, Kirsten Dunst, Phillip Crangi, Patrik Ervell, Lisa Love, Natasha Lyonne, Spike Jonze, Kelly Osbourne, Margharita Missoni, Andrej Pejic, Erin Wasson, and Alek Wek. 

Pleasure points of note: that Momofuku cookie bar (corn cookie FTW!). Also, a booth on the main floor, appearing to be a bar at first glance, was actually handing out "Easy Beat Eggs" from Tenga, embossed with Keith Haring designs. No, it's not an edible oeuf; we'll let you Google that one for yourself. There was, of course, a photobooth for capturing all of the sweat-drenched joie, and caffeine-spiked coconut water was being doled out left and right. Got to stay awake somehow! 

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