2013 September 5

VFiles' Runway Debut, Dissected

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Vfiles Runway Show and Party Vfiles Runway Show and Party
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(NEW YORK) You might have seen our story yesterday on VFiles's very own Preston Chaunsumlit who is the casting director behind the mockumentary hit web series Model Files. Well yesterday he put his talent to the test (for real) with the VFiles Made Fashion Show, which featured four up-and-coming designers, which were chosen by VFiles users. Who was on debut? London-based designers, Sam MC and Steven Tai plus New Yorkers Ammerman Schlösberg and Gypsy Sport (both of whom hail from Harlem) and the result was electric. 

The energy in the room was palpable as the "It" downtown crowd piled in to see the kids on the block. Up first was Sam MC, with a cool mix of men's and women's streetwear full of low slung shorts, baseball caps, sweatshirts tied around the waist and an overall laid back too cool for school vibe. Not to mention the graphic prints. If they look Givenchy-inspired that's because designer Samuel McWilliams was probably responsible for some of those iconic Givenchy prints. He's not only an alumni of the house, but also worked for Kanye West's label, which was blazingly evident in his collection, but in more of an "I might have invented this" way than referentially so. McWilliams was followed by Steven Tai, whose nearly all-white womenswear collection was sporty and youthful. Think oversize shorts, pants, and jackets that could have easily owned its own runway.

Gypsy Sport was up next with looks that were so wildly unique they're almost in a category of their own in a mix of what can only be described as hip-hop surfer chic tribal wear. Think menswear comprised of low-riding plaid jumpsuits, studded do-rags, and woven sandals paired with graphic socks. As for the finale? New York-based Schlosberg was best described in the design duo's own words as representative of an, "angry, slutty, Lolita, matrix fantasy glitter princess". You got that right. Bubble gum pink vinyl, literal matrix-esque glasses, black shiny opera gloves, and Seventies-style platforms made for a cutesy vixen anime vixen full of sex appeal. Whatever you make of that, one thing's for sure: VFiles is tapping into next generation culture. Try and keep up! 

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