2013 July 31

Dark and Tawdry Times With 'Lovelace'

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Amanda Seyfried and Sharon Stone Amanda Seyfried and Sharon Stone
Patrick McMullan
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(NEW YORK) Expecting solely scintillation and raunchy good times from Lovelace, the new flick based on Deep Throat's Linda Lovelace, would've left a moviegoer decidedly high and dry at last night's screening at the MoMA, hosted by the Cinema Society, MCM, and Grey Goose. There was a bit of that in the Amanda Seyfried-lead film, sure, and plenty of mesmerizing Seventies coifs (perms, Farrah-fashioned flips, and poufy curls, oh my!). But things got really dark in the Rob Epstein an Jeffrey Friedman directed film, particularly in the latter two-thirds, which depicting the more harrowing bits of Lovelace's life. So much so, in fact, that you'll likely never see Peter Sarsgaard in the same light again (or at least, not for a while), given his portrayal of Lovelace's domestically abusive lothario of a husband, Chuck Traynor. As for the leading lady's take on the woman behind her epic role? "Domestic violence will unfortunately always be a thing, but [Linda Lovelace] brought awareness to it. She really did!" Indeed.

You wouldn't necessarily recognize Sharon Stone as Lovelace's brunette, hardened mother, particularly in juxtaposition to her saucy, studded white minidress of a getup she donned for last night's step-and-repeat. Despite the film's somewhat salacious content, don't expect to see Stone getting bashful much in her everyday life. “I’m not a big blusher!” Alrighty then! On the vacay circuit, Stone gallivanted to Italy with the fam recently. "My kids ate so much pasta, I’m surprised they didn’t turn into noodles," Stone recounted of the trip's carb quotient. The awe factor was pretty impressive in the crowd for Stone: "Legend. Do you see that? Le-gend!!" exclaimed one attendee about the actress during the intro remarks pre-screening.

Also in the film for a few brief but, well, memorable scenes: Lovelace's Deep Throat costar, played by the always deliciously tart and no-B.S. Debi Mazar. Alas, the actress isn't particularly naughty in real life.  "I don’t really apologize for anything that I do, but I love potato chips!" And proscuitto and parmesan, too, as Mazar 'fessed up to keeping on hand in her kitchen. Other Lovelace castmates on hand included Hank Azaria, Adam Brody, and Chris Noth, and the screening lured the likes of Gloria Steinem, James Marsden, Zachary Quinto, Justin Long, Joan Smalls. On the fashion designer front, the crowd for the screening, followed by a shindig at recent-ish hotel afresco spot Refinery Rooftop with Grey Goose libations for all, included Zac Posen, Nicole Miller, and Nanette Lepore.

Now, any ganders about what portion of the crowd went home post-party to watch Deep Throat? Your Daily wonders...

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