2012 June 6

Run, Lola, Run

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Daryl Wein (Writer/Director), Zoe Lister-Jones, Greta Gerwig, Joel Kinnaman Daryl Wein (Writer/Director), Zoe Lister-Jones, Greta Gerwig, Joel Kinnaman
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(NEW YORK) Last evening's Cinema Society, Brooks Brothers, and Grey Goose screening of Fox Searchlight Pictures' Lola Versus was conducive to a red carpetful of story swapping and theorizing about relationships gone sour, breakups worth forgetting, and the sometimes-radical self-reinventions that often occur after starting over single. Such chatter probably continued in the dark respite of Chelsea's SVA Theater, lingering farther south for the apres-screening party at the Boom Boom Room (kudos to those who pulled off two appearances there in the same number of days, thanks to the CFDA afterparty!) 

Taking part in the relationship-oriented chatter (and if not, perhaps partaking in the Grey Goose Cherry Noir tipples at the afterparty) was a crowd including Olivia Munn, the film's co-writer Zoe Lister-Jones, Prabal Gurung, Russell Simmons, Parker Posey, Lindsay Ellingson, and SNL's Abby Elliot, Jay Pharaoh, and Vanessa Bayer. 

File these under bad rationales for ending a serious partnership. "If you didn't like their feet or something; that would be really silly! But seriously, breaking up with someone over money would be stupid. There are so many stupid reasons people breakup! Most breakups when you're in your twenties center on someone saying they need to find themselves," reflected the flick's star, Greta Gerwig. Key sources of relationship advice for Gerwig are, "weirdly" enough, her parents’ friends, most of whom are in their sixties. "Many have been married for, say, 35 years. It's like, what's the deal?! They seem to get it," Gerwig said. 

Other sources of knowledge, a bit closer to Gerwig's age: "My sister always told me not to get married before the age of 30," shared Gerwig of the sage words from her sibling. And when it's the right time to get hitched? "Make sure you marry someone who's open to couple's therapy." 

When things do fall apart, though, Tony Danza offered up the most succinct of ways to cope with a breakup-ocplypse. "Vodka!"

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