2013 June 19

Like A Prayer

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(NEW YORK) Martha Stewart may have departed last night’s Cinema Society and Dolce & Gabbana’s world premiere of Madonna: The MDNA Tour before the film even started, but for those who stuck around for a very tardy Madge to finally make her entrance, it was well worth the wait. The Queen of Pop paid homage to Marlene Dietrich: the iconic actress appeared at The Paris Theater's ribbon cutting ceremony in 1948 by tuxing and top hatting out in a Dolce & Gabbana number. “I’m working the Marlene Dietrich vibe tonight,” Madonna quipped.

The two-hour concert film documents Madonna’s spectacular 2012 concert, primarily shot in Miami, which also happens to be the most successful and highest grossing tour of last year. “It was hard!” she understated to a lively crowd during a  “intelligent, interesting, and inspiring questions only” Q&A session. “That was probably the hardest tour I’ve ever done and I was a mess. In my book, if you don’t leave a pound of flesh on the stage every night, you did not do your job. Go hard or go home.”

Choosing to go hard last night were her kids Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie (the latter of whom who was a dancer on the tour and appears to have inherited his mom’s dancing chops), and Ms. Ciccone's dancer beau Brahim Zaibat. They were joined by familiar Cinema Society faces like Jenna Lyons, Christian Siriano, Fabien Baron, Stacey Bendet, Beth Stern, Alex Lundqvist, Garrett Neff, Giovanna Battaglia, Fiona Byrne, Ellen Von Unwerth, Daniel Benedict, Cory Bond, and dozens of enthusiastic fans who made this one of the more colorful screenings we’ve attended in recent memory. 

During the rolling credits, a high school marching band came down the theatre’s aisles for a surprise performance before Madge hit the stage to answer a few questions from the audience. One fan asked her how she stayed in shape during the tour, with Madonna retorting (in very Madonna fashion) that she hates those kind of questions. “I did the show every f**cking night. Is that a workout?” Madonna also chimed in on Rocco’s role in the concert. “He’s a Leo. What can I say? He’s disconcertingly comfortable on the stage. He gave me a boost of energy every night.” After the Q&A, she gave her fans a sneak peek at the video she's working on with longtime collaborator Steven Klein.

At nearly midnight true blue fans (and the kids!) hit the swanky Harlow restaurant where we spotted John Travolta, Zachary Quinto, and Adam Lambert celebrating the final leg of her tour. Your Daily had to eventually pull a Martha, but word has it the eve evolved into an epic dance-off that included the Queen, of course! The film premieres on June 22nd on EPIX.

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