2012 August 14

Lawless Living

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Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain Shia LaBeouf, Jessica Chastain
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(NEW YORK) Last night's The Cinema Society and Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent's premiere of Lawless at The Paley Center brought out the big guns: a mix of fashion, film, and literary stars joined the movie's cast for the occasion. Star Shia LaBoeuf, profusely apologizing for his perspiration, joked about how he was "wearing his thermal onesie for the premiere," before getting serious about the modern-day equivalent of the Prohibition explored in the flick. "I would do the same thing that they did for alcohol for marijuana. We're in a marijuana prohibition right now." To discuss! 

Also spotted on the carpet: castmate Dane DeHaan in a Prada ensemble, complete with whimsical lip-printed tie. Chloe Sevigny, clad in pastel vintage Versace and black leather booties, sharing that she would amend the constitution "to add gay marriage." Amen! Tony Danza hung around the foyer for a bit then slipped downstairs, but not before musing with your Daily that his lawlessness came from his "Italian side." Hilary Rhoda and Zac Posen added to the fash cred, while Russell Simmons flitted past with two very leggy mods in tow. The lady of the hour, Jessica Chastain, arrived shortly before the screening began, slipping into her seat beside Shia.

Harvey Weinstein made a few opening remarks about the Cannes-lauded film and gave some special props to "literary and music genius Patti Smith" and "acting royalty Isabelle Huppert" in the already star-studded crowd. As for the rabblerousing, rough-and-tumble true story of the Bondurant brothers, who ran an illegal moonshine distillery during the Prohibition era? There was gun-wielding, thick Southern accents, and blood galore. 

Once the flick ended, a fleet of Escalades and taxis transported the crowd to the Gallow Green rooftop bar at Sleep No More's fictional hotel homebase, the McKittrick Hotel. The crowd swayed to thirties jazz music and drank sweet tea Grey Goose vodkas. Patricia Clarkson chatted with friends Nanette Lepore and Melissa Leo on one of the reclaimed wooden benches scattered around the spectacular canopied sitting area. A venture to the bathroom revealed more details apropos to the film: a mason jar held a dingy candle and vintage farming tools decorated the walls. J'adore! The crowd swayed to thirties jazz music and drank sweet tea vodkas. Not exactly moonshine making, but a lively start to the week indeed. 

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