2010 March 10

La Dolce Vuitton

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Natalia Vodianova, Marc Jacobs Natalia Vodianova, Marc Jacobs
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(PARIS) Elle! Bar! Laetitia! Adriana! Alessandra! Karolina! It’s safe to say that the Fall 2010 Louis Vuitton spectacle wasn’t about the front row at all; rather, it was about an all-star cast of supermodels who flew from practically every inch of the world to be part of the Marc Jacobs extravaganza. The show started at 2:30, as promised, and guests included Corinne Bailey Rae, Natalia Vodianova (the only super in the house not walking), Alexa Chung, Robert Duffy, Pixie Geldof, and Daisy Lowe. All watched in awe as Vuitton’s cast of Venuses circled the working fountain like a beautiful starlets in a Fellini production. “I’m so emotional after this,” said an overwhelmed Lowe. “I think I broke down in tears ten times over the course of the show.”

“I wanted to do something that really contrasted the last season,” said Jacobs. “So this was really all about the essential beauty, unrivaled femininity and just a celebration of very beautiful and wonderful women. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with all of these girls, and even someone like Elle walked in my show 20 years ago.” But not like this. The Aussie icon confidently closed the show to the excitement of a very supportive and excited audience. “My life really revolves around my business these days, but Marc called me and told that he was doing this story about creation of the woman and I was just intrigued,” she said. “But I’m not only here to support him, but also the concept that all women are full of elegance and grace. That’s such a big part of who I am! And now I have to call my kids.”

Noemie Lenoir was just as thrilled to get the call. “This was a set of professionals,” she noted. “It was amazing because Marc choose the most beautiful girls to be part of the show and for me to even be in the same beautiful company as them was an honor. I just need to take some pictures.” Adriana Lima's first big fashion gig since giving birth had her thinking about her little one. “Valentina is doing wonderful,” she smiled. “It’s still a mental shock to be part of the Vuitton show just months after nursing my baby. But it’s nice for someone to spoil you with hair and make-up once in a while!”

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