2010 February 2

If You Have to Cry...

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Kelly Cutrone Kelly Cutrone
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(NEW YORK) …Well, you know what to do. (And if you don’t, you can pick up a copy of Kelly Cutrone’s new book, conveniently released on the debut date of her show!) The People’s Revolution maven has been stepping out of the box for years now with cameos on MTV’s The Hills and The City, but last night, Cutrone became the star at the launch party for her new Bravo series, Kell on Earth. Robyn Berkley, Emily Bungert, Michelle Aselta, Andrew Mukamal, and Stefanie Skinner--all employees of the New York-based PR firm--joined the world of reality TV as attendees looked on, snacking on popcorn and ice cream in the screening room of the Tribeca Grand Hotel. The results? Hilarity.

Though Cutrone's known for telling it straight (often to the chagrin of her employees, hence the book title), the show shows her motherly side--literally, as her young daughter Ava makes appearances, but figuratively as well; at one point, she vows to find a suitable partner ("a sexual partner," she says) for her assistant, Mukamal. But don't expect the publicist to quit her schtick any time soon. "I could never be a therapist!" laughed Cutrone. "I'm sure I'd say the wrong thing and get fired. I'll just keep giving out advice for free." Bravo, take note: you're going to want the cameras rolling for that.

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