2013 October 2

God's Love Delivers Us Michael Kors And Joan Rivers

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Michael Kors, Joan Rivers Michael Kors, Joan Rivers
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(NEW YORK) There’s nothing quite like starting off the morning with a couple of jokes from Joan Rivers. The comedienne cracked a few at the ground breaking ceremony for God’s Love We Deliver. The New York-based organization, which provides free meals for those in need, is upgrading to a shiny new building. Who else was on hand for the celebratory event? None other than Michael Kors, who was honored at the event and whose name will adorn the soon-to-be revamped building, all due to his generous donations for the organization (plus his array of other charity endeavors). Kors will also be honoring Hilary Clinton at God’s Love's Golden Heart gala on October 16th, but don’t expect to see him breaking his signature look. Of his evening wear choices, Kors told The Daily “it’s always black! The only change is that six times a year, I wear black tie. But never a bowtie, because I think it makes me look like a waiter.”

While Kors admitted that hats are not his forte, either, he and Rivers donned hard hats to perform the first part of the groundbreaking ceremony. The duo took the first dig out of the sandbox that acted in place of the actual ground and were then joined by Karen Pearl, CEO and president of the org, as well as Blaine Trump, vice chairman of the board, and Michael Sonnett, who all took turns putting some elbow grease into the procedure.

What was the second half of the event for? Breaking ground on the cake, of course! Armed with oversized forks, spoons, and knives, Rivers, Kors and the rest of the honorary committee made their mark on the cake, which depicted an image of the future building. Rivers joked that she and Kors are lovers in their spare time, but then got all serious on us. “Everyone should go buy something from Michael Kors, even if it’s from the outlet store,” urged Rivers, "we wouldn’t have this new building without Michael Kors." That’s one order we can follow! 

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