2011 October 19

Game Faces

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Cindi Leive, Kim Kardashian Cindi Leive, Kim Kardashian
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(NEW YORK)  Training one’s attention—or attempting to do so, anyways—was the name of the game at The Huffington Post’s “100 Gamechangers” awards last evening. As Occupy Wall Street protesters gathered outside across the street to  from Skylight Studios’ Soho outpost (and it wasn’t a Ralph show accruing the flashbulbs and the ilk this time around, to wit), a mishmash of activity transpired inside: A lengthy awards ceremony! Two bars! A Kardashian! Oh, and an enormous, delectable spread of fromage!  

Among the exhaustive list of award recipients—keeping track of which was a futile sport in and of itself—the bespectacled lads behind Warby Parker got a nod from Arianna & Co. for their game changing efforts, but still see room for improvement in the arena of board games—namely, Connect Four.  “I’d like to go twice to start each game, because [Warby Parker co-founder David Gilboa] beats me every time we play, “ said one of the philanthropic specs co-founders Neil Blumenthal.

As guests began arriving, HuffPo writer and third-wave feminism icon Naomi Wolf got arrested outside, purportedly for informing the cadre of protesters (gathered due to Governor Andrew Cuomo receiving an award from father Mario Cuomo, about their rights to use a megaphone. Meanwhile, Glamour editrix Cindi Leive mused on her decidedly feminist game changers of choice (besides the ones in attendance, including Nora Ephron, Grace Hightower, Gayle King, Elaine Wynn, and Jennifer Egan) “I finally saw the HBO documentary on Gloria Steinem, so I’ll go with Gloria. And Lady Gaga,” said Leive. As for the latter? The excuse for excess. “No matter what the rest of us do with our hair or nails nowadays, we never have to worry about being too extreme,” Leive said of Gaga’s impact on modern grooming. Leive's verdict as she presented the baby-voiced, crimson-clad rep of the Kardashian clan with the evening's business and technology award: "I'd retweet her any day!" What better compliment is there nowadays, non?

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